The Road to Success

The journey to Counseling Cares, P.C. started with Craig's first counseling position at Bridgeway, Inc. in 1990. In 1995, he accepted a Counselor II position at MDH Behavioral Health Services. Craig then developed, owned, and operated a private practice partnership, Counseling Perspectives from 2002-2008.

When that partnership ended, Craig had an individual private counseling practice until 2010. At that time, Craig met Ellie and Dr. Bednarz who expressed interest in joining a private practice. In August 2010, Craig, Ellie, and Dr. Bednarz began working together at Counseling Cares, P.C. providing clinical counseling and psychiatry.

The practice grew extremely fast, so in 2011 Renee Roodhouse, LCPC joined our team, until her retirement in 2015. New client's exceeded what we could manage effectively, so we added Gerald to our staff in 2012.

Our practice growth continued, which led to the addition of Angie in 2014.

Then in 2015, we added an Advanced Practice Nurse supervised by Dr. Bednarz, to manage psychiatry. Later in 2015, we added Pam to meet the continued community need for counseling services.

Early 2016 our nurse left for a full-time job, and Dr. Bednarz remained as our Medical Director.

Today, Counseling Cares, P.C. Continues to make every effort to help our clients with difficult life experiences by, scheduling initial appointments within a few days, having follow up appointments that meet their personal needs, and providing experienced clinical behavioral health services in a comfortable private setting.